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Founder and Instructor 

I have never seen anyone with such a passion for teaching surf. Born in the East of Bali he grew up at one of the top, hidden surf spots in Bali, with beautiful long barell waves. 18 years of surfing experience and 7 years of teaching experience, make him a great master of the surf at a young age. Angga observes everyone and everything in the water, making sure his students are in a safe enviroment so they can focus 100% on his instructions to achieve great results. Through his direct and clear communication skills, it´s super easy to follow along and acess the shared knowledge. He´s a kind and loving soul, which makes it hard to not have a great time as well as in and out the water.



If there is anyone you can feel safe with in the water, its Peget. Whatever mentality or perception about surfing you arrive to his lesson with, you will definitely get more than just surfing. He teaches you, to not expect anything, do not be upset about your progress, do not be obsessed about results. Let you be in the present moment and enjoy it. Trust the ocean and yourself. Relax, avoid panic and respect people in the water more than your ambitions. This is the main rule. Being around Peget, will naturally draw you to his calmness and focus. His talent for reading people and their energy is undenaible, everyone is 100% seen and heard.



He´s an expert in the surf field, loves connecting with like-minded people and using his passion and skills to make a difference. He’ s a soul surfer and fully engaged with the sea, with a determination to share the passion, love and the knowledge for a good progression of his students. He is very focused in the fun of the sport and always gives precise feedback so the students have a successful lifetime experience in the water. Budi will make sure you put 100% believe in yourself, so that you can be super proud of your achievements in the surf. He is a great mentor, it´s just so much fun to be out there with him. It really is all about being present in the moment.



Working in the surf school of his uncle, Made discovered his passion for teaching at a young age. He is the kind of guy you will connect with from the start, through his openminded and caring nature it always feels good to be around this guy. Sometimes the ocean can make you feel pretty small and helpless, especially as a Beginner. With his patience and understanding, Made always finds the right words to make our students feel safe and calm, thats why we are so happy to have a soul like him on the Team.  
"I know this experience can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, but hey you are not alone, I will be by your board the whole time and guide you through the water. With the safety instructions on the beach and me being by your side in the water there´s nothing that can go wrong. Trust yourself, trust me and trust the ocean. Don´t let your anxiety take away the gratest experience you can have."


Executive Manager

I am managing this website and your email requests.
I work with Angga hand in hand to give you the most pleasant surf experience from beginning till end.
You will always be able to reach me under our Email address [email protected]

I wish you a great stay in Bali and happy surf!