My Story

My business is more than just a job, it´s my passion.


How did you came up with the name "Dance On The Waves Bali"

When I finished my highschool with 18, I made the decision to build myself a life in Canggu.
My billabong bagpack, a little cash and my passion to teach surf was all I had.
Connecting with locals and foreigners from Canggu, involved a lot of partying.
Seing everyone dancing full of happiness, made me think of the same happiness I felt when i was surfing.
So I wanted to give everyone the same happiness with learning how to surf. 
And then it just came together as "Dance On The Waves Bali". 

Why did you dedicated your life to surf? 

I was growing up under hard circumstance in the East of Bali, luckily I had a Mentor from Australia who brought the passion of surf to me at the age of 6.
From that moment on I found my place of peace and happiness, away from all the struggle. I found home.
I paddled out everyday sometimes 6 times a day, I felt free.
Free from all the expectations, responsibilities, the pressure and struggles. I could just be myself knowing that this moment is the only thing that matters right now. Surfing literally saved me and gave me my life purpose. 

Who do you look up to in the World Surf League?

I mean there are so many great surfers out there, but I´ll have to go with John John Florence. I just love how he makes his surf look so easy, he`s a natural talent. This dudes heart is at the right place, he´s not only someone you can look up in the world of surfing but also in terms of character. 

What is the key to happiness in your opinion?

Everyone has a different understanding of happiness, because everyone has different goals and perceptions of how they want their life to be..
Find joy in the small moments, laugh as much as possible, surround yourself with positiv energy, don´t let fear guide you, fall in love, be connected to mother nature and don´t worry so much because in the end everything will be how it was always meant to be.

Your favorite Restaurant in Canggu?

There are many fancy Restaurants in Canggu, but I love my balinese food especially at Warung Sika and Warung Varuna. For everyone who loves sweets like me should not miss the cinamon rolls at Sinamon Bali, Umalas. 

Your best surf moment?

It was in my hometown in Jasri, East of Bali, catching a long barell ride. That feeling was something else, thats when you know this was your wave.

If you`ll be giving a free plane ticket, where would you want to travel to?

It´s the dream of every surfer!
They have all the world-class surfing beaches.
I would go wild on the Gold Coast, Snappers Rock would be my first stop. I´m dreaming of these long right handed waves.

Your best insider Tip for surf beginners?

Learn the rules of surfing when you´re out there. 
Keeping yourself and others save is top priority.
Especially beginners need to keep that in mind, I´ve seen some crazy people out there.
Don´t go to fast out there on your own, even pro surfers have their coaches. So keep on learning by surfing with a coach or go out there with advanced surfers. Put yourself on videos to analize your surfing on screen to make good progress. Be patient and kind to yourself, practice consistently and really just enjoy the journey because you will never learn out when it comes to surfing.

What fascinates you the most about the ocean?

It´s unpredictable. You can have the best wave knowledge, but everything could change in a second. The moment you paddle out there you have to be one with the ocean, one pulse.
I´m always surprised how the ocean can make you feel so calm and free, even tho you know it has all the power to destroy you. But I think if you respect the ocean it respects you and I believe that the ocean can read your energy too.

What was you hardest life decision? 

Probably after I finished high school.
Either way I was going to study or pursue my passion of teaching surf. I had nothing and were completely on my own.
I can just advice everyone who´s standing befor the same decision, to choose your passion. It´s what will keep you happy, motivated and connected to yourself. 

When did you discovered your passion for teaching?

When I was in middle school.
I got the opportunity to teach a dude from Japan. It was his first surf lesson, I loved the feeling when I saw him catch his first wave after I explained him the basics of surf and prepared him on the beach. He had this huge smile on his face and could´nt get enough. Until today there´s nothing that can beat the smiles of my students when they catch their wave. Sharing my passion of surf with someone and they feel the same happiness as I do, makes me remember why I choose this path in the first place.

Did you ever participated in surf competitions?

Yeah a couple of times, few local surf competitions and one open devisions from volcom in pererenan 2015/2016.